The NSAO is the professional association that represents doctors of optometry in Nova Scotia. Our mission is to foster excellence in the delivery of vision and eye health services in Nova Scotia by providing information, programs, and services that promote and enhance Optometry

We offer a wide range of services to our members such as:

  • A voice in legislative affairs
  • Public information materials & aides
  • Annual Meeting & Vision Expo
  • Schedule of professional fees
  • Low Vision Kit
  • Continuing education conferences
  • Member resources
  • Group insurance
  • Third Party and MSI negotiations
  • TPA App
  • Professional communication
  • CAO membership

In addition to full-time memberships , the NSAO offers other categories of membership for individuals who may qualify for membership in the Association, but are not engaged in the full-time practice of optometry in Nova Scotia. The other categories of membership are:

  • Part time Members – an individual who is engaged in the practice of optometry in Nova Scotia for up to and including any part of 60 days in a year may be registered as a part-time member of the NSAO
  • Associate Members – an non-practising individual who holds a Doctor of Optometry degree or equivalent, as recognized by the Nova Scotia College of Optometrists, may be enrolled as an Associate member in the NSAO.
  • Student Members – a student in a full-time educational program recognized by the Nova Scotia College of Optometrists, who may seek to become an optometrist in Nova Scotia, may be enrolled as a student member of the NSAO

If you are interested in becoming a member of the NSAO, please click below;

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